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Goat Milk Lotions

Image of Goat Milk Lotions

The natural moisturizer for all skin types. Our recipe is formulated to soothe and nurture even the most sensitive skin! Goat milk lotion delivers a punch of everything your skin needs to stay hydrated, soft, and healthy. Each time you use it you'll receive a silky smooth all day hydration.

Each bottle contains 8 oz lotion. Our recipe includes goat milk, emulsifying wax from natural fats, stearic acid from vegetable fats, Moisturizing Vitamin E, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Skin safe preservative, & Phthalate free fragrance or essential oils

About the fragrances or essential oils:

Sea Salt + Orchid: An elegant aroma of tropical orchid, jasmine and white musk with hints of sea salt and ozone.

Coconut Bum Bum: This highly addictive scent will leave you reminiscing about your favorite beach destination. Warm pistachio and coconut cream and a kiss of salted caramel harmonize beautifully with tonka and exotic musks.

Scent Free: Zero fragrance or essential oils, great for sensitive skin.